Problems After Gallbladder Removal

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Problems After Gallbladder Removal – Today we are going to talk about what problems and complications arise after gallbladder surgery, and when patients get nervous what are the symptoms and signs of surgery, those definitely comes and patient does not know beforehand and he gets nervous that I have not taken any wrong decision by doing this surgery because often because most of gallbladder stone patients are first looking for the solution and options for that stone can be removed without surgery, so now let’s talk about its complications.

There are two types of surgery, One is laparoscopic surgery and another is Open surgery, although both have their own side effects or have their own after effect, I will talk more on laparoscopic surgery. Because open surgery is very less nowadays and only recommended when laparoscopic surgery cannot be done Generally, the patient is discharged from the hospital in 24 hours, but as long as patient is inside the hospital, he may have mild symptoms after surgery, the first few symptoms are related, you were given medicines for anesthesia. What could be the symptoms You may have a headache You may feel nauseous and in many cases there is post anesthesia urinary retention or post-surgery urinary retention but this is due to the medicines used for sedation during surgery.

Not It is that you have developed a new disease, it gets cured in 48 to 72 hours, apart from that, there are some early symptoms which come even after being discharged from the hospital, most common symptoms are indigestion, food is not digested properly, and when patients something experience gas in stomach, starts bloating, sour belching and also nausea these are some early symptoms, there is mild pain abdomen.

And its obvious due because of incision it would have been painful but it is a very normal and nominal symptoms and almost all patients have such symptoms so there is no need to panic, it takes 3 to 4 days to get this relived. Apart from this, some patients also get fever, so if fever then it is not normal because fever comes only if there is an infection. It could be during surgery or after this surgery, because you get discharged with a clean dressing from the hospital. But changing dressing at home can be a cause of infection if doctor or nurse do not wear sterile gloves or do not take anti-septic precautions while changing the dressing.

there may be a chance of getting infection which causes fever due to a secondary infection There can a be a swelling around wound. It hurts a little after pressing, but these are the normal symptom but if there is discharge or pus starts coming from the wound, then, it is not a normal thing, for this you should tell your doctor.

Problems After Gallbladder Removal | Complications After Gallbladder Surgery


Pus in wound means that it’s been an infection there, then your doctor may start another antibiotic for this or a wound cleaning and dressing will be needed Many patients also get diarrhea after surgery or develop constipation, the reason for this is linked with bile-juice directly, because bile-juice used to be squeezed from gall bladder on set frequency whenever you used to eat , Your gallbladder used to release the bile-juice into your intestine as much as it was necessary now the bile juice is straight inside your intestine. The amount that is made by the liver keeps going in the intestine right away, so if it comes in too much quantity, then its increases the intestinal motility which causes diarrhea, but if its quantity remains less then Food is not digested properly, due to which it constipation can also happen, but all these symptoms like constipation and diarrhea all temporary symptoms and experienced by all the patients, so there is no need to panic and it gets all right in time.

But what are the reason to be panic?

I will tell you what is needed to be taken care. I have told already about fever and infection, the other condition of the concern is having jaundice , it means that bile-juice is not going straight down. It is also going back into blood, so if you have jaundice, your eyes would have turned yellow and your urine continuously yellow then you need to tell your doctor. or sometimes there is a condition called Deep Venus Thrombosis in which a blood clot block is entangled in leg veins. It can be very harmful.

so if there is severe pain in your leg after surgery, then it needs to be taken care and call your doctor right away. It also can travel to your longs and can cause pulmonary embolism, It can also be fatal, do not take it lightly, tell your doctor immediately, apart from this, if your abdomen is too tight, and abdomen is distended, and you feel its too much, and you are unable to pass gas, start having pain in the stomach.

So this can be a warning sign of intestinal obstruction, so if you come across such symptoms after surgery you need to immediately tell your doctor that it is a medical emergency. So you need to understand what are the normal symptoms and what are the symptoms are not normal for you. There is no need to panic in what is a normal symptom, it gets resolved after some time within a week or ten days and then you start doing your normal routine life.

You should be in rest for about two weeks. then you can start doing your light work after that, even you can do cycling after 4 weeks But yes, avoid lifting heavy weights, and after 2 months you can do all routine work as you used to do earlier.

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