2 Easy Steps to Get Out of Bed With Easy After Hysterectomy

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2 Easy Steps to Get Out of Bed With Easy After Hysterectomy – Today I’d like to teach you how to move  in and out of bed after hysterectomy, it can be really challenging to move in and  out of bed following your surgery, you’ve got abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort and  you might be a little bit tentative about moving and injuring your wound.

So today,  I’d like to teach you a really great technique of moving in and out of bed that will reduce any  discomfort and minimize pressure on your work. So we’re going to start with getting out of bed,  I want you to lie on your back and we’re going to break this down into two little  steps getting out of bed. So first of all, I want you to slide one foot at a time up towards  the bottom and lift your bottom away from the side of the bed that you’re rolling towards,  just make some space to roll towards them.


2 EASY Steps to Get Out of Bed With EASE After Hysterectomy


Now you’ve made yourself plenty of space. The idea  now is to do a log roll onto your side and you do a log roll by bringing your top arm across your  body and rolling body directly onto your side. Can you see that I didn’t twist through my wound,  I didn’t take my legs out my upper body, I rolled my body in alarming, just like a log onto my side. Now the next tip is to use my top hand so my top hand comes over here and the elbow underneath  and those two limbs are going to be pushing me up sideways as I allow myself over the bed. So this  is what we do, so push yourself up sideways as you lower your legs down and pivot through your hip,  so that you’re raising your body sideways into sitting.

So  on my side directly on my side, using my bottom elbow, top hand comes over here,  the front, low your leg slowly over the side and the same time, push your upper body up  into sitting. And there we are minimal pressure on our wound and minimal discomfort as well. Now to get back into bed, it’s just the reverse of what you did to get out of it. But let’s do that  now.

So you need to push your bottom back onto the bed, so sit right back onto the bed, and you’re  going to lie onto your side. First of all, to lie onto your side. Take your bottom hammett handout  and bring your top hand in front.

These two hands are going to support your body as you roll down  lie down. And launch yourself as you lift your legs so can you see that I’m actually moving the  top part of my body down and lifting my legs at the same time.

That top hand comes in front 1,2,3  supporting my body and I’m onto my side and then from that position, I can quite readily do a log  roll again back onto my back and lift through my bottom and reposition and I haven’t strained my  wound and I haven’t caused myself any discomfort, the legs down and then you are back in bed.

So let’s review what we did today. We talked about getting out of bed safely after hysterectomy  rolling out of bed pushing up sideways into sitting and then to return to bed line back  down onto your side, rolling back onto your back for this is really worth practicing before  your surgery so that when you come home from hospital you know exactly what you’re doing.

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